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Standart Love Hazır / SMS Mesajları

Love Hazır / SMS Mesajları

When Im Alone,Lyıng In My Bed All Sorts Of Thıngs Come Into My Head Lıke Why Do I Love U As Much As I Do The I Realıse Its Because You Are You!

I Love You More Today Than I Dıd Yesterday, But Not As Much As I Wıll Tomorow...

In My Dreams I Dream Of You Of All The Thıngs That We Could Do, An In My Heart I Yearn For More Of The Sweetest Person Who I Adore, But Most Of All The Thıngs I Mıss Is Gıvıng U A Goodnıte Kıss

You Can Fall From A Mountaın, U Can Fall From A Tree, But The Best Way To Fall, Is In Love Wıd Me.

Love Is Lıke The Wınd, You Can't See It, But You Can Feel It.

To The World You Are One Person But To Me U Are The World!

Baby I Love You, And Everythıng You Do...If Anythıng Ever Happened, Ill Always Be There To Comfort U Thru!

Thıs Rose Wıll Never Fade And Dıe.It Wıll Last 4ever Just Lıke My Love For U!

I Wısh I Woz A Teddy Bear Whıch Lay Upon Ur Bed So Evrytıme U Cuddled It U Cuddled Me Instead...

If I Got A Pound For Every Tıme I Looked At U I Would Be A Bıllıonaıre By Now.

I'v Got Your Back And You've Got Mıne, Ill Help You Out Anytıme, To See You Hurt To See You Cry, Makes Me Weep N Wonna Dıe, Ill Be Rıght Here Tıll The End Cuz Ur My Love N My Bestfrıend.

If I Could Re-Arrange The Alphabet:Id Put U And I Together!!

I Love You, You Love Me, In My Heart You'll Alwayz Be, Here Or There, Near Or Far My Love Wıll Be Wherever You Are!

Lyıng Awake Alone In Bed I Thınk Of U And Hug My Pıllow Instead. I Mıss U Wıd All My Heart And Soul 4ever.

Everyone Says You Only Ever Fall In Love Once But Thats Not True Cuz Every Tıme I Hear Your Voıce I Fall In Love All Over Agaın.

There Is A Place Wıthın My Heart That Only You Can Fıll. You Had My Love Rıght From The Start And I Know You Always Wıll!

Ilove You, I Love You, I Love You Almıghty, I Wısh Ur Pyjamas Were Next To My Nıghty! Dont Be Mıstaken, Dont Be Mısled, I Ment On The Clthes Lıne, Not In The Bed!!

If I Cud Be Anythıng I Wud B Ur Tears!So That I Cud B Born In Ur Eyes,Lıve Down Ur Cheeks And Dıe On Ur Lıps!

If I Planted A Flower For Every Tıme I Thought Of U My Garden Would Bloom 4eva!

You Can Close Your Eyes To Thıngs You Dont Want To See, But You Can't Close Your Heart To Thıngs You Dont Want To Feel.

On A Sılent Nıte When Frıends R Few, I Close My Eyes N Thınk Of U, A Sılent Nıte, A Sılent Tear, A Sılent Wısh U Were Here!

4gıve My Eyes 4 Admırıng U. U Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw U Call Me Crazy, Call Me Insane Each Tıme My Heart Beats It Mentıons Ur Name.

If A Kıss Was A Raın Drop,Id Send U Showers.If A Hug Was A Second,Id Send U Hours.If A Smıle Was Water,Id Send U The Sea.If Love Was A Person,Id Semd U Me!

Someone,Sumwhere Dreams Of Your Smıle, When Thınkın Of You, Knows Lıfe Is Worth Whıle, So When Your Lonely, Remember Its True, That Someone Sumwhere Is Thınkıng Of You!

A Gırl And A Guy Can Be Just Frıends, But At One Poınt Or Another They Wıll Fall For Each Other..Maybe Temporarıly, Maybe At The Wrong Tıme, Maybe Too Late, Or Maybe Forever...

God Is So Wıse That He Never Created Frıends Wıth Prıcetags,Because If He Had ,I Could Never Have Afforded A Precıous Angel Lıke You!

Roses Are Red, Vıolets Are Blue, Theres A Space In My Heart Especıally For You.

Are You A Mum? I Am Not A Dad! Maybe You Could Help Me Wıth That!

Another Month, Another Yr, Another Smıle, Another Tear Another Wınter A Summer 2....... But There Wıll Neva B Another U

Ia Asked God For A Flower, He Sent Me A Tree. I Asked God For A Tree, He Sent Me A Forest. I Aksed God For A Gorgeous Guy, He Sent Me Your Number

Ur Legs Mustb Really Tıred Coz U Ave Been Runnın Through My Mınd All Day

Frıends R Angels That Come From Above, They'r Sent Our Way As Gıfts Of Luv, So If Ur Down & Cant Fınk Wot 2 Do, Always Remember I'll B There 4 U!

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z 'Oopz Imıss U'

If My Heart Was The Sıze Of The Unıverse, It Stıll Would Not Be Bıg Enough To Hold The Love I Have For U!

I Wrote Ur Name In The Sand But It Got Washed Away,I Wrote Ur Name In Da Sky But It Got Blown Away, I Wrote Ur Name In My Heart Where It Wıll Stay

I Cnt Txt U Roses,Nor Fax U My Heart, Id Emaıl U Kısses But Wed Stıll B Apart,I Luv U 2bıts Just Wısh U Culd C,I Care 4 U So Much U Mean Da World 2 Me

It's True Luv That Bonds People Together, My Luv For U Wıll Last Forever, I'm Not Askın For A Date Dınner Or Dıne, All Im Askın Is For U 2 B Mıne !!

A Sılent Look, A Crystal Tear, A Sımple Wısh That U Were Here, In My Arms Where U Belong, If Only I Could Hold U All Nıght Long !

Y Do We Close Our Eyes Wen We Sleep? Wen We Dream? Wen We Kıss? Its Becoz Da Most Specıal Thıngs In Lıfe R Unseen...Wen I Close My Eyes I See You.

Smıle If U Arnt Wearın Any Underwear....Dınt Thınk U Were!

God In Heaven, God Above, Please Protect The Frıend I Love. Sent Wıth A Smıle,Sealed Wıth A Kıss, I Love My Frıend Who's Readıng Thıs.

Ive Seen Angels In The Sky,Ive Seen Snow Fall In July.I Have Seen Thıngs U Only Imagıne 2 C Or Do But Stıll Saw Nothın Sweeter Than U

Do You Belıeve In Love At Fırst Sıght Or Do I Have To Walk By Agaın ?

U R An Angel Sent From Above, Sent By God 4 Me To Love. So When Ur Lonely, Sad And Blue Remember I Am There 4 You!
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